xkcd: Music Knowledge

This is a pretty old comic at this point, but I saw it again (thanks Eddie!) and wanted to share it here. Thankfully, I know more about music than the dude in this comic, but it's still pretty funny.

Music Knowledge

I sound pretty knowledgeable about music until people figure out that I'm just naming bands from Guitar Hero.

Admittedly, I had never heard of some of the bands in the game and I'm not sure they would have caught my attention otherwise. The games have collectively exposed some of these bands to a larger audience than they would have gotten on their own. My understanding is that for the first Guitar Hero game, many of the bands and labels were hesitant because they didn't know how successful the game would be. For the sequel, musicians were vying hard for inclusion. I don't know if this is true, but it sounds good enough for me.

Addendum: For those who are confused, the comic came out pre-Guitar Hero II, meaning that it also predates Guitar Hero: Metallica. So there you go.

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Free online Audio Editor - Aviary.com's Myna

I've been playing around with a tool called Myna which is available from Aviary.com.


This one was one of my first attempts. I've updated it and lengthened it a bit.


Reese's First

This was my daughter's first chance to toy around with Myna. It's only about 12 seconds long.

reese's first.egg

Ramble On Playin'

I got a bit better here. I like this rolling guitar.

Ramble On Playin.egg

Space Frontiers

I was going for a sci-fi film score on this one.

Space Frontiers.egg

Barbarian Hordes

War! The hordes are attacking!

Barbarian Hordes.egg

Would you like to make your own? Check out Aviary.com's Myna.

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