Free online Audio Editor - Aviary.com's Myna

I've been playing around with a tool called Myna which is available from Aviary.com.


This one was one of my first attempts. I've updated it and lengthened it a bit.


Reese's First

This was my daughter's first chance to toy around with Myna. It's only about 12 seconds long.

reese's first.egg

Ramble On Playin'

I got a bit better here. I like this rolling guitar.

Ramble On Playin.egg

Space Frontiers

I was going for a sci-fi film score on this one.

Space Frontiers.egg

Barbarian Hordes

War! The hordes are attacking!

Barbarian Hordes.egg

Would you like to make your own? Check out Aviary.com's Myna.


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