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Chordastic - Music tab software, lyrics and chord editor

Chordastic is the easiest way to create and manage music chord tabs. The interface has been designed to be user friendly by using editing automation for saving time. It is a lyrics and chords editor, an essential tool for professional musicians or not. No other editor or music software can be that effective for this purpose. By using chordastic you will be able to create sheets with lyrics and chords fast and easy, customize the sheet appearance by changing font, size and general display separately for the chords and lyrics, print your songs or share them with other musicians. A smart database allows you to access all your sheets from the program and quick find a song by applying filters.

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World War I Sheet Music

The World War I digital sheet music collection is drawn from the Sheet Music Collection at the John Hay Library. It is composed of over 1,800 titles that relate in some way to the events of World War I, and the impact of that war on American society. There are patriotic songs, songs relating to specific military units, romantic songs of love and loss, comic songs, and songs that look to the war’s end. Cover art on the songs is particularly striking. The most famous is perhaps Norman Rockwell’s cover for George M. Cohan’s "Over There". The famed sheet music illustrator Barbelle provided many covers, including the amusing "How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree?)". The cover of Richard Whiting’s eternally popular "Till We Meet Again", with its melancholy blue tones, perfectly complements the wistful quality of the music and lyric. Photographs of many famous performers are featured on the covers. Eddie Cantor (“Banjo Eyes”) appears on "Would You Rather be a Co

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