Derek's Spring Break Singalong Playlist

My friend Derek posted a list of songs on his blog that he wanted to share. Since some of my coworkers and I had been posting our own playable play lists at Top 5 Friday using Playlist.com, I thought I'd take a few minutes and create an embeddable version for Derek.

Derek described the theme as follows:

Most of them are either from soundtracks of movies/tv shows I’ve seen recently or have something to do with the theme of movies/tv, with a few exceptions.

I could find every song that Derek listed except for #5 (30th Century Man by Jigsaw Seen), #8 (Rocket Ship by Kathy McCarty) and #16 (Fearless Leader by Soul Asylum). Anyone who'd like to do so should be able to copy and paste this to their own website or blog using this code:

Check out the full list of songs at Things I Meant to Blog.

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Thanks for the plug, Jim.

Not too surprized that you couldn't find "30th Century Man"...kind of obscure (but it appeared in the first of the four Futurama DVD movies, "Bender's Big Score," if anyone's wondering). I'd have thought "Rocket Ship" would've been easier (she may have been credited as "K. McCarty" at that point, which may have made a difference). The Soul Asylum song actually is only debatably called that, since it wasn't labeled on the record, but that seems to be what most people have settled on. It appeared on the second half of the closing track on "The Silver Lining" ("Slowly Rising") and a lot of people even missed it entirely as a result (which is a shame, since it's probably the best song on the record, IMO).

My playlists are usually just an attempt to stump iTunes. Looks like I may have done a good job on this one, lol! :)
Hey Derek, Thanks for stopping by. I really wanted to get every song and even added a few to Playlist.com that weren't in their results. But it became clear that it would take too long to find them all in a linkable way, though I did find them on YouTube and elsewhere that I could preview them.

Feel free to try copying the code above to your own site so the same play list loads.

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