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Here is an interesting mix of music into the action of a video game. In Music Catch, the notes of the piano ballad cause little star shapes, triangles and little flowers to shoot out of a rotating plane line. The player controls a circle icon with the mouse and gathers the dots by rolling over them. The blue or green shapes are worth a small bit of points, but the yellow shapes are worth a lot and also increase a point modifier. As the modifier increases, the player's icon increases in size. Red shapes are to be avoided, as they halve the point modifier.

This sounds pretty basic and infantile, but the game is fun and challenging. It could be good for kids but there is something simple here for everyone. The whole game lasts about five minutes, so give it a try today. Play Music Catch at Reflexive Arcade.

[ Reflexive.com - Arcade - Music Catch ]

My only mild complaint about this game is that there is really only one song. I think with more variety, the re-playability of this web game would be amazing. Still it's pretty cool as it is. Oh, and something surprising and fast happens for purple shapes but I'll let this be discovered rather than ruin it.

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