Producers Howl Over Sound Cut Out by MP3 Compression

Let's take a break from the stream of songs and allow me to talk briefly about the quality of MP3 files. I've always loved them since the first time I've used them. I will admit that I have noticed that there can be a quality difference in some instances with downloaded files as well as files directly ripped from CDs. The ripping process as well as the file transfer process can multiply artifacts exponentially. Skipping or dust on the disc can make it much worse, even intolerable.

However, assuming optimal hardware and media conditions an MP3 file can substitute for a CD. According to the following article, most professional audio producers object to their use simply because of the compression and how much quality it can potentially lose.

Whether you know it or not, that compact disc you just copied to your MP3 player is only partially there.

With the CD on its way out and computer files taking over as the primary means of hearing recorded music, the artificial audio of MP3s is quickly becoming the primary way people listen to music. Apple already has sold 100 million iPods, and more than a billion MP3 files are traded every month through the Internet.

But the music contained in these computer files represents less than 10 percent of the original music on the CDs. In its journey from CD to MP3 player, the music has been compressed by eliminating data that computer analysis deems redundant, squeezed down until it fits through the Internet pipeline.

Although I like quality sound and I can hear certain qualities of good audio recordings that other people cannot hear, I'd have to say that I disagree with this article's premise. To be modest, I'm a musician with a decently trained ear. I can think of good reasons against MP3s and file sharing simply on principle, but the idea that because the medium is prone to errors and loss doesn't really bother me.

I mean, have you ever really listened to a vinyl record? An old beat-up cassette? An eight track that's been collecting dust? Now those were prone to problems.

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Winter Blues - Jam Track in E - Robert Renman [mp3]

Blues Jam track in the key of E.

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