The Most Talented Breakroom in Music History...

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Found on TikTok.

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Free Champagne | Saint Louis Ska Band

A new friend of mine named A.J. is drummer for a local ska band named Free Champagne. They play plucky stuff that I'm enjoying quite a bit. Check them out here on Bandcamp:

Also check out their Facebook, YouTube or Spotify.

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Slide Guitar Blues Lesson, With Insanity

I want to share this @messiahsez video that encapsulates everything you need to know to start playing slide blues guitar with open D tuning (DADF♯AD).

That's wild. I want to learn more immediately and I think I need to be this guy's friend too.

Here's a slightly more serious video to actually get into more detail with a different type of drop D tuning (DADGAD).

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DIY Musical Instruments - Meet Nicolas Bras

I know at some point, I was researching some DIY musical instruments. I think I was considering making something with PVC pipes a la Blue Man Group. At some point I got suggested videos by Nicolas Bras. Check this out:

Nicolas just passed 100k subscribers to his channel. His stuff is so wacky and weird and I love each one. He demonstrates in each video a concept, shows how he designs and builds it, then plays an original composition. Sometimes he takes it one step further, adding on other pieces and making a composite instrument.

Given time, the one I want to make the most is the Aquatic Harp inspired by an Indian ektara. See this:

I don't know why I want one. I don't know what I would use it for. I don't know where I would use it. But I still want one.

Oh, and here's the fun PVC pipe instrument.

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Have fun full-screen at Patatap.

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Play Guitar in FFFFFF Tuning

There are a lot of alternative tunings for guitar. And perhaps traditionalists don't care for them much, but here's an idea where all six strings are keyed to F.

Check out Ichika Nito's channel for more.

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We Perform a Service Here | Joseph Fink

This soft mellow tune comes from the creator of "Welcome to Night Vale" and you should check it out.

Listen to ▶ We Perform a Service Here | Joseph Fink

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Del.icio.us MP3 Links

I removed the following two links, since they no longer work.

Del.icio.us as a web site is currently and perhaps permanently down. I've written about this on my main blog, but basically it's passed through ownership several times and may not be coming back from the edge this time. Basically, these two links were a rolling tag list of links tagged "mp3" -- the first was an automated system tag for all mp3 files and the second was anything manually tagged MP3.

The domain for Del.icio.us even changed a few times. Here's an alternative version of the links, also inoperable at the moment.

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