DIY Musical Instruments - Meet Nicolas Bras

I know at some point, I was researching some DIY musical instruments. I think I was considering making something with PVC pipes a la Blue Man Group. At some point I got suggested videos by Nicolas Bras. Check this out:

Nicolas just passed 100k subscribers to his channel. His stuff is so wacky and weird and I love each one. He demonstrates in each video a concept, shows how he designs and builds it, then plays an original composition. Sometimes he takes it one step further, adding on other pieces and making a composite instrument.

Given time, the one I want to make the most is the Aquatic Harp inspired by an Indian ektara. See this:

I don't know why I want one. I don't know what I would use it for. I don't know where I would use it. But I still want one.

Oh, and here's the fun PVC pipe instrument.

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