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I removed the following two links, since they no longer work.

Del.icio.us as a web site is currently and perhaps permanently down. I've written about this on my main blog, but basically it's passed through ownership several times and may not be coming back from the edge this time. Basically, these two links were a rolling tag list of links tagged "mp3" -- the first was an automated system tag for all mp3 files and the second was anything manually tagged MP3.

The domain for Del.icio.us even changed a few times. Here's an alternative version of the links, also inoperable at the moment.

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Rhythm Guide - Hot Dog, Grape Soda, Apple Pie, Hot Fudge Sundae, etc.

This should be an easy guide for the uninitiated and a reference for the trained musician. How do you explain rhythm? Turn short phrases into rhythm examples. If I was sharing this chart with someone learning music for the first time, I'd point out that each note set with bars along the top are ONE beat. So start clapping your hands together in a rhythm, then say each set along with that beat.

Found via Imgur.

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