Derek Brink - Whole Discography Free!

A long time friend and musician buddy of mine named Derek has a whole set of his work and recordings up on Bandcamp for free right now! You should definitely go listen to them and download them all now because they may get revoked back to regular price at some point. DB is a solo singer/songwriter, guitar player and all-around instrumentalist and recording engineer. Basically he's a machine with a soul. I've known him for a few years back when he was the music minister at our church, but when he wasn't doing that he was also recording his own albums, his band's albums and other people's stuff too. His own personal sound is somewhat folksy and country, but he rocks pretty hard on much of his releases. He has a good ear for balance and punching his voice through the center of the music. His lyrics are visceral and personal.

What are you still reading this for? GO now or click on the embedded box below to listen to one of his albums. But be sure to grab as much of it as you can right now. If you feel like paying for it, there's a name your price box, but if you put a zero in the box you get the download link right away.

I've written briefly about Derek previously, but I've been listening to his stuff a lot more lately. Be sure to visit Derek Brink.com for more about his music and what he's planning soon. Need more?

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