Pink Floyd, Music Lessons, Guitar & Banjo Lessons - All on Netflix

Just a quick note for those with a Netflix account. On a whim, I decided to check if they had any concert videos that I could get on DVD. I was looking for live recordings of any concert that I might like. There were a lot, but for the first few pages, they were mostly classical performances and other artists that I've never heard of. I like classical and I added one or two, but my eyes lit up when I noticed the Pink Floyd stuff. Of course, I had to do a specific search on Pink Floyd to see what else they had. The Wall made it into the queue first, but there were a lot of other discs I added. One that caught my eye was not of the band, but an instructional DVD on how to play their music style on guitar.

Interesting. Does Netflix have a lot more pages of music lessons on DVD? Yes, they do. For the more specific, they have a subcategory specifically for guitar and banjo lessons. Great!

Something else I learned about Netflix? Their DVD queue has a limit of 500 discs. That means that as a subscriber, the maximum number of movies or shows you can put into your waiting list is capped at 500. Yeah, they don't advertise that. More embarrassingly, my queue is now full. Not great, but not too bad anyhow.

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