Is Britney Spears Still Relevant?

I shouldn't. I really shouldn't write this, as Ms. Spears is one of the most overexposed, nominally underrated, overproduced and endlessly debated celebrity/non-celebrities these could possibly be. Even one of her few ardent fans defending her publicly became one of the most lampooned and parodied Internet sensations out there. Don't believe me? Get a t-shirt and tons of other products.Amazon.com Certainly she's not the craziest celebrity. Or the first crazy one. Or for that matter, the last. But was she batspit insane before stardom or did it come later? Is it the chicken or the egg?

I don't follow pop music anymore, haven't for years. I don't watch MTV. My real question is if she is even relevant anymore. And I guess by the fact that I don't care about the answer should be answer enough. But say what you will, her (and her crew) know how to make a decent video.

Britney Spears - New Music - More Music Videos

It's simple, to the point and doesn't force you to think. But does anyone really play videos anymore? Yeah, I didn't think so. See more Britney Spears in Womanizer if you want. Thanks for the eye candy Britney, now just go away.

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